SOIL Activities

SOIL Activities

Intellectual Output 1 Digital Learning Suite for Bio Gardening and Therapeutic Horticulture

A suite of video tutorials of training and learning resources for bio gardening and therapeutic horticulture, media reached to qualify the needs of VET Students with fewer opportunities (disability).


Intellectual Output 2 Bio Gardening and Therapeutic Horticulture Digital Lab

A web portal with the typology of a lab class where VET trainers can apply IO1 resources to VET Students.


Intellectual Output 3 SOIL – The Social Gardening AR APP

An Augmented Reality up that can be used by VET students to identify plants, vegetables and trees and with the guidance of their VET trainers online to practice of garden cultivation and management. IO3 will have the options to connect with other users in SOIL teams and work together under the supervision and guidance of a VET trainer.