The Partnership


iAgroCert is an NGO, established in 2019 in Veroia, Greece and it is active in supporting the strategic development of the Primary Sector (agriculture, food productions, food consumption, etc) from different perspectives, including the social and cultural ones.

Considering the active promotion of agriculture as an entrepreneurship activity, iAgroCert promotes quality products, enhance their brand identity and content quality and their commercial value in markets in Greece and abroad, along with their support for the networking of producers and businesses in the agri-food sector.


In the social and cultural field, iAgroCert is working to connect agriculture, nature and the community by designing and applying various projects at local and European level.


ERGASTIRI EIDIKIS EPAGGELMATIKIS EKPAIDEFSIS KAI KATARTISIS of Kalymnos is a special education unit that belongs to the Directorate of Secondary Education of Dodecanese. It was founded and operates in Kalymnos from the academic year 2002-2003. The courses of EEEEK are adapted to the special requirements and capabilities of the trainees. The study is six years and the graduates of the laboratory receive a level 2 degree with professional rights and entitlement registration in the special education TECs.

The school includes 6 classes, and its students are placed in the respective departments according to their personal needs and possibilities. Classification is not based on the chronological age of the students, as an individualized approach is taken to teaching that facilitates the development of students’ special abilities and inclinations.

In the school students are taught general education courses, such as Mathematics, Informatics, Social and Political Education, Physical Education, Art, Music and Technology by teaching staff specialized in special education issues. In addition, they are taught the course of Independent living that aims at cultivating self-care skills that facilitate the acquisition of an independent way of life within the community.


Romagna Tech is a non-profit Joint-Stock Consortium Company accredited as an Industrial Research Laboratory and an Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre within the “Rete Alta Tecnologia” (Hi-Tech Network) promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region (validation no. 2/C dated 13/07/2015 and 92/L dated 28/09/2015); its staff (a high skilled team composed by 17 people specialised in different disciplines -10 graduated and 3 PhDs- with at least 5 years of experience in supporting SMEs on innovation adoption) operates as a Research and Technology Transfer Organization under EC Regulation 651/2014.

Its mission is to promote and generate technological innovation processes through a logical intervention approach:

  • working in cooperation with knowledge centres to foster the implementation of research findings
  • promoting the culture of innovation as a strategic asset for development
  • supporting companies to develop technological solutions for their business
  • providing assistance for start-ups to accelerate their growth.


CPR Belarmino Fernández Iglesias ( is a Vocational Secondary School managed by a non-profit organisation (Fundación Belarmino Fernández Iglesias) located in Rosende (Sober), in the centre of A Ribeira Sacra, an area at the northwest of Spain (Galicia).

Fundación Belarmino Fernández Iglesias – CPR Belarmino Fernández Iglesias imparts since 1997 medium level training courses of cuisine and gastronomy and services in catering; high level training courses in wine-growing and training for the unemployed, as a private centre arranged with the Xunta of Galicia and depending administratively on the IES A Pinguela (PIC: 949541537). Furthermore, the Fundacion Belarmino Fernandez Iglesias is linked to Brasil (Pontificia and Catholic University of Sao Paulo, University of Sao Paulo, University of Sao Francisco – Sao Paulo), residence of its founder, therefore numerous courses and conferences has been development between the two countries.

Nowadays, the Fundacion Belarmino Fernandez Iglesias is building a wide network among other European countries to enrich the training of its students. To do that, it relies on staff with a wide broad on exchanges programs and the institution offers VET degrees on Cookery and Hospitality and higher VET in Wine and Viticulture. Thanks to the rural area where is located, under industrialized, it is committed to give to all the students the opportunity to experience mobility in Europe to improve their competences and employability. Moreover, we specialise in the training of students who have special needs and we provide the adequate framework for a successful VET education.


SOU”Koco Racin” Sveti Nikole it’s an agriculture and veterinary school center since 1958, and in the school are educated pupils from all eastern Macedonia in agriculture, veterinary science, and also in mechanics of agriculture. Since the beginning in the school main goal beside the theoretical education it’s the practical work of the pupils, which is done on the school farmland, and also in the facilities of the school partners of the business sector in the municipality.


Our school has participated in several different competitions, activities and projects. Our students have developed a sense of belonging to the EU by participating, observing and integrating different activities in the projects with the partner countries.

By participating in diverse projects the cross-referencing of comparisons, approaches and concrete contributions will aim to promote European priorities and values among the pupils.Teachers in our school keen to improve and are open to new developments in educational reform, their  participation in other training sessions may represent new opportunities for career development, the professionalism of the didactic act.


The Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute is an organization of civil society, established to help individuals, communities and institutions to develop their skills, improve their performance and share knowledge in order to be able to meet the challenges of society and thus contribute actively to the development of a European area of skills and qualifications.


Our goal is to promote lifelong learning and initiatives of transnational aspect specifically addressed to young people, adult learners and professionals, through non-formal education and our main vision is to develop innovation to be implemented at the level of civil society and therefore contribute to social cohesion.


The Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute is working to bring about social change for the benefit of citizens in the context of development of local, regional and European society. It focuses on the promotion of equal learning opportunities, in promoting human rights, cultivating the spirit of entrepreneurship and the development of people’s abilities, promotes intercultural dialogue, knowledge exchange and European awareness with the active participation of young people and adults in projects relating to mobility, entrepreneurship education, professional and personal development. It is linked closely with various public and private entities in national and international levels, including NGOs, schools, universities, VET providers, municipalities